Saffron Girls Project

Working with young girls to develop their self-confident is what we aim to achieve in all area of our project. Since February we have had young girls joining the Girls project from different background. Over these past 2 month, the girls are starting to come out of their shell Particular Simon who doesn’t speak much. At the start of the project she tend to isolate herself from the rest of the group. With her coming to the project week in and week out, she has developed a strong relationship with the member of staff as she was able to open up about herself more. We knew that she is a very clever girl. Giving her some responsibilities within the group has helped boost her confident. Because of the responsibility we gave her, she feels like we valued and trust that she is capable of doing stuff. She has taught some of the girls how to braid hair and makeup and as result of it shows her ability of having an engaging conversation with the other girls thus building friendship amongst the group.

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