Saffron Girls Project

A young lady joined our sessions that had previously been the sole carer of her mother and younger siblings. Drugs and neglect were a large part of the traumas she had experienced.

After the transition of moving to another city to be with her father and being separated from her mother and siblings, she was left very quiet and distant. With very low confidence she was unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings.

Even to give our staff members eye contact in conversation was difficult. It was as though she had shut off from the rest of the world as a self defence mechanism.

Although we could observe her want to become involved, we could also see how awkward it felt for her to act as a ‘normal child’ as she has had to be the adult for so much of her young life and just didn’t know how.

Gradually, with the right support and welcoming environment she has started to slowly come out of her shell.

Whereas it was previously impossible for us to receive suggestions or any personal opinion from this inspiring young lady, she has now began to come into our sessions knowing what she would like to get from them and how make her voice heard. Even so much as to lead which warm ups we will use for a drama session for instance.

To now hear her laughing along and be able to relax and feel comfortable to engage on her own terms with peers of her own age is so rewarding.

With a young lady like this, seeing her being comfortable enough to act silly or mess around is such a change from the reserved worrier we were first introduced to.

It is apparent to us that she has become more proud of her own personal presentation and the way she carries herself is becoming more and more self-assured.

It’s great to see that she is making great decisions as far as her healthy eating is concerned and it is quite warming to see how supportive she is towards other children with difficulties of any kind. This young lady is a very compassionate person and her caring nature also helps a lot of the girls who join her in the sessions.

It’s clear to see from the smile on her face now when she enters the room that we have created a safe place to help these young souls find themselves and provide some escapism from what is assuredly a lot of heartache and stress.

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