"SYPP has improved me as a player and has helped me lose a lot of weight because of all the activities they run. From the age of 13, SYPP has made me want to go to their sessions and every time I go I learn something new and I develop as a player".

"SYPP session are on Wednesday and Thursday’s at 6 till 7 and the best thing I love about them is in the summer or half term holidays they use the Astor turf at saffron lane which invites a lot of people to come and get fit but also have a good laugh, without SYPP I think I would be out there committing some crime or vandalizing things I should be doing so SYPP has kept me out of a lot of trouble."

–We will respect you as an individual.

–We will  actively listen to you and support you to achieve your full potential.

–There is no pressure to talk to us, we are here to help.

–All our sessions are free and open to all young people aged between 11-19 years.

–We will  listen to you without judgement, in your space, to your rules, in total confidence.

–We take our role seriously but we always try to have fun.


Saffron young people's Project

432 Saffron Lane 

Leicester Le2 6RF